Lane Change

  • Cheap Heroin4:01

​Neil Grover

Hairy Dudini

  • Improvisation3:51

  • Shape Up4:25

 First of June

  • If We were Young 3:10

  • Club 273:23

Band Members
Steve Gianolio-Jones
Mick Morrell
Robert Leaver

False Solution

 Electric Cake Salad

Pentley Holmes

  • Kollide3:32

  • Politics3:53


Band Members
Mark Conti (Vocals & Guitar)
Allan Hall (Drums & Percussion)
Mike Byiers (Bass & Backing Vocals)
Simon Watterson (Guitar)
Magda Wellenger (Keys & Vocals)

​ Edgar Road

  • Absynthe5:39

Band Members

                     Myles Vann - Vocals                                       Jake Galambos - Guitars                                     Lizzie Shafer - Bass and Vocals                              Cameron Holladay - Drums

Band Members
Scott Philipp and Tony Schiavo
Chris Lysokowski