• Alone 5:24

Alfred Ramirez- Lead Vocals
Duane T. Jones- Guitar
Shane Carlson- Bass
Brian Jones- Drums


Nikki Loy

  • Under The Lightning3:31

  • Next To You3:07

Dave Fields

Andrew Chervak

  • Drive3:35

The Price is Rice

  • TOMORROW4:04

  • Rise Up3:38

King Radio

Arc'd Angel

  • Leap Off Your Seat3:56

Brian Dean Moore


  • Run3:42

Pilgrim's Dream

Red Letter Life

​Band Members
Michele Peraino- Lead Vocals
Chris Peraino- Guitar, Vocals 
Hugh Luck- Flute & Vocals
Pat Ream- Bass Guitar
Jim Cooper- Drums & Percussion
Al Weber - Sax
Andrew Donaghy - Sax
Rick Yensen- Trumpet / Trombone​

  • 2. Freedom.mp33:25

​Site Unknown

  • Promised Land3:48

Big Bone Daddy

  • Enjoy The Ride3:00

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The MoonDogs

  • 4. The Road Home 3:20

  • Wake Up Jasper5:38

  • Desiree'4:24

Roi & The Secret People

  • Ocean5:00

  • Show Must Go On master5:12


Swing That Cat