• Sister Mary4:43

Band Members

Kenneth Ermter – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar           and Percussion. 
Chris Walker – B/U Vocals, Drums, Percussion.
Kevin Campbell – B/U Vocals, Lead Guitar.
Don Varey – B/U Vocals, Bass Guitar

Band Members
Peter Spicer

Tony Slaven

Second Echo

The Condriacs

​ ​
Band Members
Bert Germick - Guitar, Vocals
Josh Rapleje - Keyboards, Vocal
Rory Glass - Lead Guitar
Steve Nestor - Bass
Jason Wieand - Drums

One Bloody Reason

Danny Mortimer

  • Upper Hand4:27

  • Innocent (Single) 3:30

After Alice


  • Walk2:23

Band Members
Adam Eickhoff, Lead Vocals/Guitar
Craig Reid, Lead Guitar/Back-Up Vocals
Jason Butler, Lead Guitar/Back-Up Vocals
Nate Ratto aka NATRAT, Bass/Back-Up Vocals
Eric 'Slam Hound' Hanley, Drums

Camel Juice

  • Breath Of Air3:28

  • Let's Make a Movie3:31

  • All Your Life5:41

Band Members

Casey Stickley​

Kerry Goodhind

  • 99 Gold4:14

Red Light Runners

Guy Paul Thibault


  • The Best of Everything4:49

  • Out Of The Blue4:08

  • Saturday Night3:41

  • Give Me More3:28

​​Ghostly Beard

Madison Mueller

  • My Journey 4:07

Band Members

Steven Fennell 
Jason Crowden 
Main Songwriter/All Vocals/All Guitars