• It's Gonna Be Alright.3:43

  • What Happiness Is4:18

  • Whiskey Go Round3:39

  • Hogwash5:24

Band Members
Scott Nadeau - Vocals, 
Ken Ugel - Guitars, 
Mike Nichols - Guitars, 
Colin Dill - Drums

  • Earlybird2:59

The Million Reasons

  • Picture of A Life4:00

Josh Dimmel

  • Just Stay Don't Go2:45

  • Aphelion4:10

C.E. Longenecker

Tim Muddiman

  • Sound Of A Pin Drop4:47

Band Members
Jean Cabbie-Lead Vocals & Rhythm Guitar
Eric Cabrer-Lead Guitar & Backing Vocals
Jacob Rodriguez-Bass Guitar & Backing Vocals
Marcos Rivera-Drums

Band Members
Parker Wilkson (Vocals, Keys, Guitar), Davin Norman (Bass), and Tyler Hanks (Drums/Percussion)​

  • Mystery Girl4:18

Austin Colon

Mack Meadows

Jean Cabbie & The Secret Admirer Society

Band Members
​Vocals / Guitar § Jamie O'Keefe
Bass / BV's § Yuri Pavlinov 
Drums / Percussion § Danny Farrugia

John Hubcap Band

Band Members
Travis Arnold - Guitar / vocals
Joe Arnold - Guitar / Keyboards
GoReD Zilla - Bass
David Beaudoin - Drums

The Rewind

  • Domino Blitz 4:21

Macky Mikunda

  • The Path Ahead4:40

 Disconnected Genius

Band Members

Josh Decker - Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards
Alex Carroll - Guitar
Patrick Austin - Bass
Brett Lowe - Drums

Infinite Eights