Band Members
 Joe Tavano - piano, acoustic guitar, vocals  Tony Shannon - guitar

 Stephen Shannon - drums

  • Rely On Love3:22

Band Members
Joe - Acoustic Guitar / Bass / Vocals
Lucas - Banjo/Guitar / Vocals
Dan - Violin
Dave - Percussion 
Tony - Cello / Bass

  • Like Vampires3:25

​Band Members
Vinnie A. Vescio (keyboard),
Dennis James (guitar),
Vinnie C. Vescio (bass),
Anthony Vescio (drums)


  • Control3:20

  • Till I See Stars4:06

  • My Name3:04

  • Corruption4:41

Dream City 

Nick Trill & The Thrillseekers


  • The Story Of My Life4:20

  The Parachute Brigade

  • Our Night4:20

Elwood James Band

  Noble Jacks

  • Journey5:40

The Do Good Badlies

Band Members
Lee Alexander – Lead Vocals
Ryan Adam – Piano / Rhodes / Organ
David Oliver - Guitar​

Alpha Zero Three


 Ivory Tower Project

Band Members
Ruben Gomez - Vocals, John Crisci - Guitars, 
Jon Orth - Drums, Jerry Capri - Bass, John Seput - Keys

Band Members
Mark Regula + Tony Novarro

  • Violence5:39

  • Blueberry Wine3:47

Kings Harem

Band Members
Frankie Cross - vocals
James Pera - bass
Mad T - drums
Mick Michaels - guitars

  • RingGold Georgia4:27

The Playing Shadows

  • A Place We Could Meet4:55

Band Members
Daniel Greer, Jon Greer, Jamie Robinson, Steve Jackett, Cassie Noble

Band Members
Scott Patterson

Michael Trapp 

Corners of Sanctuary

  • 3:42

  • Black Cherry4:34

  • I Don't Care3:33

Mick O'Regan 

  • Good Rockin Nick4:31

Band Members
​Monty Leach
Jeff Smith
Stefon Pizzuto
Russ McAdoo
Bob Giovannetti

Blue Heart's Revelry

Greg Kihn 

Heaven's Guardian

  • Rebel County Boy4:01

Johan Roger

Kristin Parisi

The New Realm

Brenda Kaye Perry

Band Members
​Mike Welten - Lead Vocals/Guitars
Mike Danger - Guitar/Vocals
Kevin Trout - Bass/Vocals
Ryan Seritti - Drums/Vocals

  • HAHA Song (Radio Edit)3:29

  • Tonight We Roll4:23

  • Shades 4:52

  • Money In The Bank3:21

  • Down By The Riverside3:52