• Punk Rock Intoxication3:54

  • Resilient - Janelle Loveless4:30

​The Beautiful Distortion

The Lou Franco Project

  • Serendity3:36

Doubting Thomas

  • The Gold Room (Reprise)4:30

  • Picking Up the Pieces3:37

Frank Porter

Ricky Smith & The Crush

  • Spiral2:14


  • Up Your Kilt3:47

  • Voices3:41

Janelle Loveless

  • Hot Dog2:46

  • The Frenchman's Wife4:13

  • Sheep3:29

Connie Edinger


Tommy Marchak

Kyle Yankowy

  • On The Other Side5:42

Vern Parsons

Mike Stanley 

Ear Ecstasy

Dana Gaynor