In an effort to help independent artists navigate the industry we are proud to present Indie Radar every week on our show with your host Bo Sommer!

​Need help getting more engagement? Expanding your audience? Note: Use hashtags that have a varied number of usage, for example, #Singer has 52.2 million tags - basically that means that you will be competing with this overused hashtag and your post will be lost. You don't want to compete so look up hashtags that you want to use. So instead of #Singer perhaps consider #bluesysinger which only has 100 posts (using Instagram as an example). Your post is more likely to be seen using a hashtag with only 100 posts or 500 posts, etc. You want to vary that post number so your posts are visible to potential fans and new followers. Choose some high, medium and low post numbers ...and of course, the best is the most natural and organic showcasing YOU! There are also a ton of apps that help with researching hashtags as well as giving ideas for captions. Check out Caption Plus, Captions for Pics or Caption Your Photo - all available on Apple and Android. Good luck [🙂]

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