​Marketing by definition is the strategy used to reach your ideal audience or market.

Marketing is an on-going job, it should start way before a Release, during your release, after your release and certainly maintain engagement in-between releases.

BEFORE-Research! Who are your fans? Do you have a message and what is it? Determine what social platforms will you use to reach your audience? Spotify, Youtube, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok,? All or just some?

DURING-Ideas to capture who your audience is can include an email sign up list at your shows, social media comments, Youtube comments? Drive your audience to sign up for future announcements. If they are interested, they will sign up! Always make sure that a potential fan has a way to reach you easily.

​The ASCAP Experience - April 1-3, 2020 in Los Angeles. This is an annual event. If you are a songwriter or simply want to network, check it out! Bring a ton of business cards and make sure your website, business cards, etc. are professional and cohesive. You never know who you may meet at this conference.

​Serious about launching your music career to another level, treat your music as a business? You and your team need a business plan, this helps to outline goals and ultimately guides you stay on track. Try it!
Of course, you can change your plan at any time! How could it not with this ever-changing, constantly evolving new music industry?!

Some ideas to help put it all together -

Executive Summary - This is an overview of your band, music, brand
Artist Description - Your "artist/band" story, who are you? Describe the "why" of doing what you are doing
Organize and management - Solo? Full band?
Who are the members of your band? Can you assign each band member with action items to keep moving your business forward? Anyone sponsoring your band? Partnerships?
Service or Product - What is the music you are releasing and in what formats? Streaming, CDs, Vinyl, digital only. Merchandise? Private party gigs, etc.
Market & Sales - Who are your fans? How will you get the word out about gigs, songs, album releases, tour information? Some points to expand on: Website, social media platforms and which ones? TV, print media (local, regional, national). Do you have a street team that can help?
Financials - Essentially, what do you need to keep your artist/band moving forward through the next 3-5 years? Who/How are you funding all of it?

​YouTube APPLAUSE - have you heard about Digital Tipping?​

​This app has been downloaded over 1 BILLION TIMES. If you get in on the action to use this tool to promote your music with short video clips, be consistent, build a brand and pack this app into your promo arsenal!

In an effort to help independent artists navigate the industry we are proud to give you Pro Tips every week on our show with co-host Bo Sommer!

​ Professional and Unique Business cards. Don't overload them with too much information. You want your cards to walk your contact straight to your online content! Your information should be cohesive, meaning your business card, your social media info and website needs to fit together.

Have a question? You can email Bo at Bobalconyshow@gmail.com