​Autumn on Tohikon Creek  $250.00

​Next Door  $175.00

​Tamenend Park  $75.00

"My name is Susan Roberts. I live in beautiful Bucks County Pennsylvania, an area rich with art and history. 

Art is a way of self-expression. It gives me joy, it keeps me grounded and gives me a chance to forget about life's daily stresses. When I show my work I hope the viewer is drawn into the painting and can have a bit of the same experience as I do when I paint. Forget about things and enjoy what they see.


I paint what inspires and challenges me. It comes in many forms, but vibrant, bright, bold colors and strong lines are always evident.   I work mostly with watercolor and ink. Watercolor keeps me on my toes and lets me know I am not in total control. Things just happen sometimes. I have to let paint tell me what to do.

I love to try new techniques and mediums and incorporate some different elements to my work. I never want to stop learning and trying new things. I have spent a lot of time trying to find my "style". I believe that it comes when I stop trying so hard."

     For any and all questions or inquiries about the work for sale and more,  please contact the artist.

Susan Roberts

​Sunset on Manistee River  $75.00

The Balcony Show is proud to present this month's Artisan!

​Underground  $100.00