Mayssa Karaa

  • Guadalupe RIver 3:23

  • Simple Cure 2:52

  • Lost Your Lover3:50

Melaku’s music is both classic and modern, merging the sounds of the 50s, 60s, and 70s with contemporary pop.   His soulful and uplifting debut album “Golden Age” was released on 11/11 last year.  The album was a critical success, receiving praise from publications like With Guitars Magazine, Tattoo Magazine, Indie Source, The Big Takeover, and For Folk’s Sake.  A singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, and producer, Melaku played and recorded the entire 12 song album himself in his Northern California hometown studio. 
Before embarking on his solo career, Melaku interned at Jive Records, SONY Music for the A&R for Britney Spears.  While still in college in New York at Columbia University, he honed his songwriting skills as a “topliner” in the music industry, working with producers for acts like Ke$ha, Flo Rida, B.o.B, Jacob Lattimore, Collie Buddz, and labels like Universal Motown, Atlantic Records, Tulsa Records, Easy Star Records, and G Note.  After graduating, Melaku moved to LA to continue pursuing songwriting, hoping it would transition to an artist career. 
Before his star rose, however, Melaku was beset with health problems that derailed his ambitions and lead him into a dark night of the soul.  Years later, Melaku emerged from the ashes by focusing all of his energy on developing spiritually, and finding his true purpose.  Realigned to his childhood dream of having a career as a solo artist, Melaku launched his independent record label, Angellion Records, as well as Mowbray Studio in Santa Cruz. 
Filled with passion, purpose, and dedication, Melaku is ready to take on 2019 with his unique brand of “Spiritual Pop.”  His music is cross-generational, and imbued with a wholesomeness and integrity that hearkens back to a “golden age” of ethics, morality, and high principles.  Not finding this kind of message in the current Pop landscape, Melaku decided to create what he wanted to hear himself. 
Fun fact; each song on his debut album “Golden Age” corresponds with a chakra, starting with the root chakra…the song is accordingly called “Red Room,” and is about meeting a girl at a bar.  Skip to the end of the record on “As Above So Below” and Melaku is talking about revelations, constellations, and pyramids… 
Melaku’s goal is to “free more free thinkers.” He is now working on a new EP called “Ride To Nowhere.” 

With her captivating multi-octave voice and persuasive cross-cultural message, vocalist and songwriter MAYSSA KARAA defines a new era of musical inclusion. Her songs tell of a journey connecting her origins in the ancient land of Lebanon to her adopted home of Los Angeles, California. She has recently launched the first single CALL ME A STRANGER and music video of her full-length English solo debut, SIMPLE CURE through an event at the historic Capitol Records in Hollywood which was attended by major figures from the mainstream and media press as well as the film and music industry .
Growing up in Lebanon, MAYSSA was trained in classical music. While she loved singing, a future in civil engineering was her life plan. It was the sage advice of a French conductor that guided her to a professional music career. “He told me, ‘When you meet God he’s going to tell you, ‘I gave you a gift--what did you do with it?’ That was the turning point in my career. Fortunately, my dad had already applied to Berklee College of Music in Boston for me and had an audition set up.”
On SIMPLE CURE,MAYSSA says that most of her lyrics have their origins in conversations. “I would speak with my producer Richard Jacques, tell him something that I remembered, and we would come up with the lines and hooks to relate these stories.” When you put all the songs of the album together, you will understand the full story that lays behind.​

  Todd Barrow

​Let's start by saying that Todd Barrow just flat out loves music. Todd began his music career at an early age and has had his share of accomplishments since that time. He is an incredible musician, songwriter, and producer who is comfortable with just about every genre of music. He's not a beginner by any means, having played and worked closely with some big names in the music industry.

Here is a list of some of his credits in the music industry.

       Member of Texas Country Music Association/British Country Music Association

Member of the Texas Music Office
Member of Fort Worth Songwriter's Association
Member of BMI
Producer, Singer, Songwriter, Musician, Artist
Performed at RCA dome (Teen Challenge event) CCM David Meece  
Performed at Anejos House of Tequila with Sonny Burgess/CMA
Performed at The Prophet Bar formally ( Gypsy Tea Room)
Performed at Open Bell Coffee House (Dallas)
Studio sessions with artist Bernard Wright  on Frontline records
Artistry development with well-known Artist and Producer, Charlie Peacock
Won Worthy Award PSRA for Ronald McDonald House Ft. Worth song 
Performed at Ronald's Roadhouse show with artist Jerry Jeff Walker (Encore lIve)
As a recording artist I worked with "Fort Worth's 2012 Producer of the year" Bart Rose 
Collaborated with staff from Word entertainment and EMI
Registered with BMI- Performing Rights Organization
Hot Southern Night just aired in Italy Radio 6.75
Special music for Red Shoe Society (Sip & Shop)