Marc Ambrosia

 Bohemian Mule

  • One Step Back3:44

 The minute you hear the hum of a vintage amp or a noisy 12 string jangle your transplanted to a surreal world at the bottom of the rabbit hole into a reinterpretation of music and reaches into your psyche and takes you the "listener" on a voyage of new musical journey and leaves you remembering the past and seeing the future..the Bohemian mule carries you ..thru the music like a story with blues, fol, mod, and psychedelic opuses

  • She4:28


  • Folklore3:37

Band Members
Sean(Vocals, 12 string guitar, 6string, sitar, tambura
, percussion 
Rev Bert(Vocals 6 string guitar, Bus
, Othernoises
Joe Buerklin( drums percussion) John Brennan( bass)

As an independent emerging folk-rock band from the east coast, Alex Mery and The Townsmen produce songs that echo throughout small venues and open mikes in Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania.
The band, fronted by Alex on guitar and vocals, performs punk rock inspired folk tunes with  Matt Anderson on drums.
With a diverse range of musical backgrounds, Alex Mery and the Townsmen are mainly influenced by artists such as Nickel Creek, Billy Bragg, Against Me!, Woody Guthrie, Gregory Alan Isakov, Bad Religion and many more. They do not hesitate to experiment musically while showcasing lyrical content that touches on many subjects. 
The band released their first demo in the Fall of 2016 entitled Safely on Your Way that featured six self-produced songs including "War Horse" and "Lay Down Arms". The band later worked with producer Kevin Soffera (from Breaking Benjamin and Seether) to re-record their demo tracks for a June 2017 release of their debut studio EP called folklore.
The group has been featured in Fig Magazine, The Mike Zambelli Show on Service Electric, and played on Spin Radio 107.1. Their notable festival performances include Musikfest, Hard Rock Cafe (Philadelphia, PA), PA Bacon Fest, Maydaze, Mayriffic, Easton Heritage Day, and Nightingale Blossom Fest. They were finalists in Philadelphia City Council's PHL LIVE Center Stage competition.

Alex Mery  

The Townsman

Marc Ambrosia is the singer/songwriter of our time. At just 23 years old, Ambrosia already has an EP and a self-produced full length album to his credit. Currently, Marc is actively recording and releasing new music. His latest project is a series of pop singles, which he’ll be releasing one by one over the next year.
  “It’s by no stretch of the imagination that this is the best stuff I’ve ever done,” says Ambrosia, “I finally feel as though I’m writing the songs I had always dreamed I’d write one day. I remember being a little kid with aspirations of becoming an artist. I feel as though that little kid is finally getting his wish now.”
Able to cut deep with lyrics and captivate with soul, Ambrosia is proving he’s pop music’s best kept secret. In an industry that focuses on tabloid rather than artistry, Ambrosia is committed to taking the high road.  
 “It’s always disheartening to hear a kid say they want to make music and become a star,” Ambrosia explains, “For me, it’s never once been about hoping to take the world by storm and become superstar famous. It’s always been first and foremost about telling beautiful stories and making great art.”
 With his latest material, Ambrosia is doing all that and more. While songs like “Let Me Be Your Secret” and “World with You” are filled with angst and longing; songs like “One Step Back” and “Bleed” are consumed by the need to let go. All of Marc’s songs have one thing in common though; they are drenched in romanticism and are designed to heal the brokenhearted
 “I write songs to bring people together,” Ambrosia says, “We’ve all gone through similar pain and we all long for similar joy. The truth of a song is what people latch onto more than anything else and I consider my songs to be honest little pieces of my heart.”
 Yes, for Marc Ambrosia it’s all about the heart; and with each new song lies an invitation to take a closer look, and most importantly, find a home in his.