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 Junior Turner

Band Members​​​

​Vinnie Garufi

Bassist, Guitarist, Songwriter, Vocalist

Guitarist, Producer, Songwriter, Synths, Vocalist
Michael Aron


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In 2010 Junior Turner released a national single for BBC Children in Need. He recorded and released a cover version of the world famous "The Impossible Dream"
Whilst promoting his BBC single he had handed out demo recordings including a self-penned track called "Say Goodbye". In due course, he received a phone call from war veteran's charity "Help for Heroes" co-founder Bryn Parry asking if they could use this song for their charity.
In April 2011 Junior Turner released Say Goodbye in support of Help for Heroes.
In 2012 he began to get a lot more airplay and worldwide following the independent release of his single 'Loveblind featuring Jess Wood'. This seemed to strike a chord with Radio DJ's and music personnel around the world.
He then went on to follow that up by releasing a further independent release this time a song titled 'Hurt featuring Robbie Williams guitarist Neil Taylor'.This again got mass critical acclaim given Neil Taylor's inclusion on the track. This again helped to raise Turner's profile.
In November 2012 he released his eagerly anticipated 'critically acclaimed' debut album 'Under Scrutiny'. 
In 2013 he followed it up with the release of 'Better Day' which has had rave reviews both here in the UK & in the USA. It went to No.1 in the official newcomers/unsigned chart in Austin, Texas USA as well as a number of weeks at Number 1 in New Jersey, USA.
After taking a small break to write and record new material Junior released a power ballad titled 'Save me'. This topped several state radio charts in the USA & in April 2014 Junior picked up 'Best Pop Song' at the prestigious awards ceremony for 'the indie music channel' as well as 2 award in Los Angeles in December 2014 at the Akademia Music Awards. 
In 2015 Junior Turner went on to win his 2nd award in Hollywood picking up 'Best music video' for his song 'Save Me' & late 2015 he picked up 'Best pop song 2015' for 'Save me' at the Josie Show Music awards in Nashville USA 
At the 2015 USA radio music awards voted for by USA radio presenters Junior Turner picked up both 'Best pop artist 2015' and 'Best pop song 2015' for 'Save Me'.
In 2015 Junior was contacted by the Sweeney family to ask if he would write a song in memory of Liam Sweeney who along with John Alder died onboard flight MH17 when it was shot down over the Ukraine in 2014. They were travelling to watch their beloved football team, Newcastle Utd, play in a pre season tournament in New Zealand. Junior penned and released a song called 'United we stand'. In September 2015 he performed the song live at an evening with former Newcastle Utd & England footballer Alan Shearer. This performance was videoed by a member of the audience and uploaded to YouTube where it was spotted and nominated for the 'Best live performance' award at the Indie Music Channel awards 2016. The song went on not only to win this award but also an honorary award at these awards which were held at the Grammy Museum, LA in the US on 24th April 2016.
His music video's too are now being broadcasted on national USA tv and soon to appear on national UK TV in 2016 along with several other countries which have picked up on Junior's music which for an independent artist is somewhat amazing.
In 2018 Junior Turner returned after some time out from recording any music to release "Tonight" which gave Junior Turner his first ever UK Unsigned number 1 in the charts as well as topping charts in the states and South Africa !!
In his career Junior Turner has worked with some of the UK and worlds finest musicians and producers for who he is held in high regard with.

Raised By Wolves

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Strings & Things are an Original Irish Folk/Trad crossover 4 piece band from Tipperary/Galway. Over the years together they have created a unique sound and produced a variety of crossover tunes & songs by putting their own stamp on them.
They love working on the production of their original songs and tunes and also on covers that they perform around the gigging circuit. These guys have a really great bond both as band members and friends.


Hard-hitting rock. Adventurous alternative. With a wild musical upbringing, Philadelphia’s Raised by Wolves tread unapologetically across musical genres.
Blending elements of alternative rock, funk, and blues, Raised by Wolves conjure both a young band’s sense of adventure and a more seasoned rock band’s quality of musical experience.
The group was founded as a second-coming of three musicians who each had separate, successful musical roots. Mike, a funk and jam band drummer from NJ, cut his teeth on a genre-bending blend of rock, funk, and hip-hop. Vinnie, a sometimes-singing, sometimes-rapping guitar and bass player from Baltimore, toured the east coast in multiple rock bands. Johan, an energetic and eclectic frontman, was the architect of a label-signed band who achieved radio and television success in South Africa. Today, these three unlikely bandmates are breaking new musical ground on the Philadelphia scene.
Their debut release Shines Imperfection shows just how much ground they can cover. From the breakout rock single Come Alive to the funky and self-reflective Mirror to the touching ballad Believe, the band’s tracks get people moving and thinking at the same time.
Take a minute to listen, or reach out for a booking. You won’t regret that you’ve chosen to release these ‘Wolves’ into your world!

Band Members
Ryan Williams- Vocals/Guitar/Mandolin/Harmonica
Matthew Amend- Bass
Trevor Scott- Drums
Sean Clement- Guitar/Mandolin
Chris Conner- Lap Steel/Guitar​

Band Members
James O'Meara-Ryan - Guitar & Lead Vocals Eoin Shelly - Percussion & Vocals

Sean Mongey - Banjo

Eoin Salmon - Bass

Strings & Things

Formed in early 2017, Springbrooke is a band based out of Bucks County, Pa. They provide an honest and blue collar style of music that Springbrooke dub as “Tried & True Music”. Led by the vocal styling of Ryan Williams, Springbrooke takes you on a journey with heartfelt lyrics, autobiographical stories and an edge that is in your face. Williams (Lead Vocals, Guitar, Mandolin & Harmonica) is joined by Matthew Amend (Backing Vocals & Bass), Jerry Galanti (Drums), Sean Clement (Guitar & Mandolin) and Chris Conner (Lap Steel & Guitar). Springbrooke is not bound by one genre of music. Whether it is Country, Blues, Rock or Top 40, Springbrooke transcends and adds their own spin to timeless classics and present hits. Springbrooke recently recorded their debut album, “Tried & True” in January 2018 and is now available.

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